Alberta Grown Organic Lamb

Hoven Farms now has Naturally Raised Certified Organic Lamb Available.

How We Grow your Lamb

Hoven Farms organic lambs range freely over beautiful Alberta pasture.  They graze on the natural bounty of a vast and biologically diverse landscape. The result: fit, healthy animals that make the most delicious, tender, nutrient-rich meat.

Hoven Farms Organic Lamb is 100 percent free of added hormones, antibiotics, herbicides and insecticides. Because it is organic, you do not have to worry about chemicals on the lamb or in the meat that you eat.

The organic meat is tender and juicy, and its flavour is pure and delectable.

Hoven Farms Certified Organic Lamb is free from artificial hormones, has never received any antibiotics, has been raised in a free range environment and fed certified organic feed with no chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers used on the land they are raised on.

Try it and we think you will agree that Hoven Farms Organic Lamb is some of the best lamb grown in the world!

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