What to Feed

If you are considering a raw diet for your pets or if you’ve just started one and want more information, look no further.
Here, at Hoven Farms Healthy Food for Pets, we would love to help you make the transition and look forward to working with you and your pet on their way to a species appropriate diet.
No matter how young or old your pet is, no matter what type of food they’re eating, it is never too late to switch to a raw food diet.


What to feed

Don’t be overwhelmed, feeding a raw food diet is really not that complicated. It may not seem quite as easy as say, opening a bag of kibble and pouring some into a dish but don’t worry; you’ll soon get the hang of it.

Here are the three things dogs & cats need in their diet.

  • Meaty Bones
  • Offal (Liver, kidney, heart, spleen, lungs, tripe etc any or all!)
  • Muscle Meat

That’s it! And at Hoven Farms Healthy Food for Pets, our patties contain the required amounts of muscle meat and organ. We also have a large selection of meaty bones available that you can choose from, ranging from ribs to whole carcases.

When first starting your pet out on a raw food diet, you should try and keep it simple. It will be easier on you and your pet if you stick to one or two protein sources when you start feeding raw. Most people will start off with chicken or beef. Once you and your pet feel settled into the raw food diet you can start adding different protein sources to the mix, like lamb, duck and bison. After all variety is the spice of life.


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