How Much to Feed




*The estimates listed here are meant as GUIDELINES only. Since each pet has its own rate of metabolism, if you find your pet is gaining weight, cut back on their food intake. If you find that they’re losing weight then increase their food intake. When your pet is at an ideal weight, you should be able to easily feel their ribs but not see them.


**It should also be noted that the food portions listed here also includes any treats or meaty bones that you give your pet. Therefore if you give your pet a chicken neck weighing 150g then make sure to decrease that day’s raw food portion by that amount.


The following is a link to a raw feeding calculator – This website suggests that feeding 2% of your dogs weight would help with weight loss. However, from my experience the average dog or cat will do well and maintain their current weight if fed between 2%-3% of their body weight.

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