Reasons to Feed Raw

Reasons to Consider a Raw Food Diet for your Pet

Why consider a raw food diet?

Your dog and cat are designed to eat raw meat, bones & organs. It is a species appropriate diet for them.

If you need facts, look at the way their teeth and jaw are designed. Those teeth are made for ripping and tearing at meat and organs and definitely for crunching bone. They are NOT made for eating cereal like kibble. And let us not forget their jaw, which only moves up and down, for cutting and crunching. And what about their elastic stomachs, strong stomach acids and short digestive tract? For more information on dogs and cats being carnivores check out the following links.

Look at the facts!   – Information Source – Image & Information Source

These links explain in much more detail the internal & external anatomy & dentition of dogs and how these physical facts undeniably prove that our cuddly cats and dogs are true carnivores.

Some Reported Benefits or a Raw Diet

  1. Naturally clean teeth – No more dental surgery, gum disease, tartar build-up or toothbrushes!
  2. Development of neck and jaw muscles, that would not have otherwise develop were it not for the action of ripping and chewing on bones.
  3. Little to no doggy odour!
  4. Little to no stool odour! – No more gagging at the smell of the litter box, honest!
  5. Noticeably less stool produced. – Save money on poop bags!
  6. Less money and time spent at the vet because your pets are so much healthier!
  7. Puppies develop at a consistent rate which decreases the chance of joint and bone problems in later life stages.
  8. Allergies and arthritis will significantly reduce if not completely disappear.
  9. Better weight control.
  10. Reportedly longer life spans.

Plus your pet will LOVE it!





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