3 Ways to Avoid GMOs

1. Educate Yourself


Soy, corn and sugar are three of the worlds biggest GMO crops. 93% of the soy grown in the us is GMO, 85% of the corn grown in the us is GMO and almost 100% of the sugar beets grown in north america are GMO.
There are lots of resources online about GMO products. It is a great idea to learn more about why you should avoid GMOs and how to avoid them.

Here are a few good links all about GMOs and GMO-free products:






2. Don’t Buy Processed Foods


Processed foods contain lots of additives and lots of them are GMO products. Products like chips, cereal, frozen pizzas and almost all boxed and ready to cook foods contain genetically modified corn, soy and sugars.

There are some products that you will find in the frozen food aisles in your grocery store that are GMO free. These products proudly display both the Certified Organic logo and the non-GMO label. You can see a list of great products here:


3. Buy Your Food From Local Farmers


Buying your food from local farmers is the best way to avoid GMOs in your food.

The nicest thing about buying from a farmer, local producer or a knowledgeable small grocery store is that they can answer all your questions about where their food comes from and how it was produced. If you are unsure about something, ask about it. If you aren’t getting answers find someone who can give you answers.

Buying non-GMO products shows companies the demand for organic, healthy GMO free foods. If the product is Certified Organic that means it has adhered to strict organic guidelines and does not use genetically modified seeds or products. Purchasing from producers that are certified organic shows those farmers that you care about the quality of the product.

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How do you avoid GMOs?

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3 Ways to Avoid GMOs