What you can do about Antibiotic Resistance?

Dirt Talk episode 7:  Tim Hoven from http://www.hovenfarms.com talks about what you can do about antibiotic resistance.

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Transcript of the Show:

Antibiotics have saved millions of lives but the way we are using them today can make more powerful bacteria that may kill us all!

I am going to give four things you can do to help fight antibiotic resistance!

Antibiotics are one of the greatest human discoveries ever. But after only a few decades of their use, they are creating a new breed of superbugs that are resistant to them.

What that means for you is that common bacteria that used to be of little concern to human health have adapted to become major health risks… E. Coli, anyone? C. Difficle? Flesh Eating Disease? All these are new major health risks because of antibiotic resistance.

How did this happen? Who is responsible for antibiotic resistant bacteria?

We all are. From mega factory farms that feed antibiotics to their animals to protect their profit margins, to parents who take their children to the doctors and demand antibiotics for a viral infection, it is a billion people making a billion different decisions that has gotten us to where we are. The big question is what are we going to do to change the path we are on?

Four things you can do to stop the spread and development of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

1. Use antibiotics only when absolutely necessary. If you get sick, go to bed, eat some chicken soup made from organic chicken, rest, drink plenty of water, take your vitamins. Give your body the tools it needs to fight infection naturally. 99 times out of 100 you will get well just fine. When that isn’t working, then go to your doctor. Save antibiotics for when the human race really needs them.

2. Do not use antibacterial household products. these may kill some of the bacteria, but it only makes the ones that survive stronger and resistant. Let your kids get dirty and get exposed to normal bacteria so their natural immune systems get stronger and their bodies wil be stronger to fight infections.

3. Wash your hands properly with a regular plain soap and warm water. If you are handling raw meats, also wash your kitchen surfaces properly,especially if you are buying conventionally raised meat products as many test show those factory farm raised meats are contaminated with pathogenic bacteria.

4. Purchase organic and antibiotic free meats from local farmers you know and trust. By supporting farmers who grow meats without antibiotics, you are voting with your wallet. And this is usually the only kind of vote that big industry and the government understands. Buy your food from farmers you know so that you can learn about how they grow their food and know what you are putting in your mouth.By supporting farmers like me who grow antibiotics free meats, you are making a difference by helping to stop the abuse and overuse of antibiotics.