Top 4 Reasons to buy Bulk Freezer Packs

4 reasons to buy freezer packs

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4 Great Reasons to Buy Organic Meat in Bulk:

1. Give your family a diverse selection of tasty meals!

It can be hard to come up with great meals everyday, having a variety of cuts in the freezer can inspire you to do something new and exciting!
“What should I make for dinner” becomes “What tasty meal can I make with this roast?”
2. Plan healthy and delicious dinner in advance!
With a little organization, you can make your families meal choices healthier and better! When you have a freezer full of a variety of meats, you can plan out your dinners for the whole week, and beyond! Don’t get caught without ingredients ever again.
3. Spend more time at home and less time shopping!
Less trips out, and more relaxing in. Put the meat you want to use in the fridge the night before, and it will be defrosted and ready for cooking when you are! Didn’t remember to defrost the meat beforehand? No problem! Submerge the meat in its vacuum sealed package in cold water. It takes approx. 30 mins per Lb of meat to defrost with this method.
4. Save money on great quality meats for your family!
Buying bullk and frozen helps multiply your savings. We have lots of bulk deals and packages to choose from so you can have a great stock of quality organic meats ready to cook in your freezer.