This is the latest book I am reading – Epigenetics by Dr Joel Wallach.


Epigenetics – Check it out on Amazon.ca

The main premise of the book is that the way we understand disease – you have a genetic predisposition to _(fill in the blank)_ – is incorrect and that disease is actually just a symptom of a nutritional deficiency.

The way we look at disease in animals is different from how we look at disease in humans.

We know for cows and chickens that if there is a disease / health issue, you examine two things initially.  Nutrition – are the animals getting enough nutrients in their feed, and Stress – are the animals stressed?

Both of those – nutrition and stress – are the two things we really focus on here at the farm when it comes to animal health.

Both of those two things we ignore when it comes to human health.  We look to things that can be solved with a pill and another trip to the doctor.

Most of our disease issues need to be prevented by having good nutrition and eliminating our stress.

I am only 100 pages into the book which is a history of medicine, witchcraft and alchemy.  I am beginning section 2 about antibiotics now.  It looks to get more interesting as we move closer to our modern understanding of medicine and human health.