EcoFair 2016

We had the pleasure of attending the 2016 Red Deer EcoFair this weekend.

The best thing about the EcoFair was the number of old friends but I was able to run into. Lots of talking about what’s going on in our lives, Changes we’ve made, and the direction we’re headed in.


The second-best thing was spending all day Friday with Lori.

In the past, I was the farmer and marketer and Lori was the homeschool mom. Now that the kids are older it is really exciting to be able to do things on the farming and marketing side with her.

We were asked to give a presentation and we chose to speak on bone broth. We recorded the session so hopefully I will check the audio and video today and if all is good, I will post the video to YouTube.  I will be posting it to this blog if the sound quality is good enough.




The bone broth presentation was amazing. Lori walked people through the basics of starting a broth and then how to turn a broth into a soup. It was an introductory session on bone broth. We had a nice little crowd of people attending and I think, Judging from their comments, that most people got something really good out of the session.

Oh yeah, I also got to sit in a Tesla. I think that is the sports car for me. I fear many speeding tickets in my future.