New Baby Calf in the Snow!

So yesterday I said that I was going to do a weekly blog instead of a daily blog.  Guess what?  Enough neat stuff happened that I made a second video in two days.

Between the snow storm and a new calf born in the middle of it, it was a little more exciting day than normal.  I would have preferred a slow boring day but you have to take what comes at you.

My morning starts with a buttered coffee.  I take coconut oil and butter, put it in coffee and then blend it with my Magic Bullet.  This may make my nurse sister-in-law panic but I love it.  Not only does it taste wonderful, it REALLY wakes you up.  Note: please do not use salted butter.  You need unsalted butter.  Salted butter will give you regrets.

New calves are amazing.  In just about any weather, if they get one drink off their mothers, they will be ok.  A few years ago, we had a surprise calf when it was -30C and the little guy got a suck and was looking great by the time we noticed him in the morning.

I feel awkward about using the word ‘teats’ in the video.  I guess I am a little old fashioned.

Back to the frequency of the vlog….

If there is enough interesting stuff and I can put a video together, I will post.  My crappy internet connection is the biggest barrier as it is hard to post to youtube with the connection timing out.  Facebook video is even worse.  To post these videos, I have to set them up to upload when I go to bed. If I do it any other time the connections is so bad that it just can’t do it.

If I had a clone, I would start a rural internet company.  The only people who are happy with their internet connection in rural areas are people who might check their emails once a day.  Netflix is not an option where I live.