Grass Fed Butter

I am a coffee person.  I wake up and I have a coffee.  Then I have another coffee.  Then I drop by my parents house to say good morning and I have another coffee.  So by 8:30 in the morning, I am sufficiently caffeinated.

But it is the first cup of coffee that makes me happy.  It is the first cup of coffee that makes me smile.

That is my cup of buttered coffee.

Any one involved in the health care profession might not want to read the rest of this….

One 3/4 inch cube of butter, one large teaspoon of coconut oil in one of my Magic Bullet blender cups.  Then a dash of cinnamon and a squirt of pure vanilla.  Fill the cup with coffee, wait 30 seconds, and blend.

Then bliss.

(If you use salted butter, you will not experience the bliss.  Trust me on this one.)

[the_ad id=”3899″] The benefits of the buttered coffee are many and too numerous for me to include in this post and perhaps that will come in a future post.

But why my excitement today?  I found GRASS FED BUTTER!

I have been looking for this for years.  I cannot tell you how many people have asked me if I know of a source.  Butter made from milk from cows eating GRASS is impossible to grow in Canada all year round due to our weather.  Throw in the Quota system and import tariffs and sourcing this stuff is almost impossible.

Due to the federal gov’t having to keep Quebec diary farmers happy, there is a 400% import tariff on butter. Yup, a 400% tariff.  So if it costs $5 to get a pound to the border, the gov’t taxes it $15, and you get to buy it at $20. Needless to say, it was so expensive to import from places like New Zealand.  You could ship it here but it was so expensive no one could afford to buy it.

So when I walked into Nutters today and found this beautiful baby for less than $10, I picked some up and took it home.  Once home, I did my fatherly duties and instructed my kids – DO NOT TOUCH DAD”S BUTTER!  DO NOT COOK WITH DADS GRASS FED BUTTER!  THE GRASS FED BUTTER DOES NOT EXIST FOR YOU!

And this morning I woke up, made my buttered coffee and am sitting here enjoying it while I write this post.

After waiting years for this – a grass fed buttered coffee, there is a deep joy welling up within me.  There is nothing like a good plan coming together.

Here is the website for the butter –

If you want some, head to Nutters in Red Deer on the south hill by Chapters.

And don’t let the kids cook with it.

UPDATE:  People also inform me that Pure Earth Organics carries it as well, along with Sobeys on the south hill.  Any other places?

3 Comments on “Grass Fed Butter

  1. That’s so awesome! Bullet proof coffee is amazing for sure. Where is nutters and will they be stocking this regularly?

  2. HI Tim, Eric Giesbrecht of Meta4Foods in Calgary makes Grass Fed Ghee. Very delish! Cheers, Karen