My Mission

Daily life on the farm gets busy.

This year we are operating cattle, pigs, laying hens, meat chickens, and a vegetable garden.  We have many children helping doing all the different enterprises.

It is great to work as a family but it isn’t always easy.

Throw in two weekly farmers markets and the online marketing that should happen and whew!  I think I need a holiday.

But that is what winter is for!

Sometimes I think I must be crazy.  Maybe my parents and siblings do think I am crazy.

I ask myself why I am doing all this.

It all comes back to growing good food for people.

Sometimes when I am out working by myself, I wonder why am I so passionate about good food?  Why do I care what people feed themselves and their children?

Do I think that growing good food is my mission in life?  Is it my ministry to the world?

10 years ago after my accident and operations (4 in 18 months), my body was messed up.  I would hurt and ache all the time.  It was so difficult getting out of bed.  I was an old man in a young man’s body.

But food changed all that for me.  Dropping wheat and sugar transformed me.  When I dropped wheat, within three days, my aches disappeared.  I am a better human being because of those diet changes.

I see the same changes in my kids.  It comes as a surprise to me that I have three kids that have never had to have antibiotics.  Is that luck or does it have something to do with the way we live?

When I cheat on my diet and maybe have a piece of pizza, I start to feel frantic in my head, and in a few hours, my shoulder starts to ache and my feet swell up as they retain water.  I then wonder what else it is doing to me that I can’t see or feel.

This post was going to be a short piece about my cows out eating grass and it turned into a piece about me out eating my grass fed cows.  It is funny how life takes you down a direction you never expected.

That is enough of a rant for a Friday morning.

Thanks for listening.