6 Reasons to Eat Organic Grass Finished Beef

6.  Healthier Fats

Grass finished beef has been tested to have 2-4 times more Omega-3 fatty acids.  There is a healthier ration of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids.  Why is that important?  In our grain based modern day diet, our bodies get way more Omega 6 fatty acids than their Omega 3 counterparts.  Why do docs recommend that you take your fish oils? Because they are full of Omega 3 fatty acids!  Grass finished beef gives you a better balance between the Omega 3 and Omega 6.  Not as balanced as fish oils, but with a lot less mercury! And let’s not forget 2-3 times more CLA’s than conventionally raised beef.

5.  Healthier Soil

Healthy soils makes for healthier beef. And healthier beef makes for healthier people.  We do everything we can on our farm to improve our soils and to develop better microbiology in our soils (Read this book for more info on that) .  Our whole civilization is dependant on those top few inches of top soil and everyone (farmers and consumers) need to make better choices to improve those few inches of pure gold.  Buying grass finished beef gives you a way to support farmers who are working not just to sustain their soils, but to regenerate.

4.  No hormones or antibiotics.

No hormones or antibiotics, ever.  If we have a sick animal, we treat it with antibiotics but the animal is then taken out of our organic grassfed program and we end up selling it to the auction mart.  Why is Antibiotic Free beef important?  Read this.

3. Humane

They spend their life outdoors, not confined in a pen or a building 24/7.  We love our animals and we want them to have the best life possible.  We do everythng we can to minimize stress in our animals.  It makes for healthier animals and it makes for tastier beef.

2. No GMO’s

Only grass and mothers milk in their diet, so there is no need to worry about GMO grains/corn.  Lori and I do everything we can to minimize the GMO in the food our family eats.  No non-organic corn products, no soy products, and no glucose/fructose sugar products.  And if I won’t eat it, why would I feed it to my animals?

1.  Tasty

I once cooked two steaks – a grass finished rib eye and a grain finished ribeye steak.  Yes, I ate them both and I was very happy with my life that day.

But the amazing difference was in the taste.  The grain finished steak tasted great but when I ate the grass finished steak, I realized the grass finished steak had a fuller taste.  It was like the difference between a light beer and a real full deep lager.  Both were great, but there was just ‘more’ to the flavor, texture and taste in the grass finished beef.


Just a heads up to my American readers, I borrowed and adapted the idea for this post from The Grass Fed Cattle Co in the US.  Check out the original post here.