Fall 2016 Hoven Farms Update

Where to begin!  What a crazy summer.  2016 has shown every farmer in the province how dependant we are on decent weather.  From the beginnings in the spring with highs in the 30’s, to rain starting in July and having moisture every 36 hours until today, and our first frost on Sept 6,

So here is the quick update:

Grass Finished Beef – Order Now!

img_5090-1Most of our beef is reserved but we do have some beef available for our direct customers.

Our grass fed and finished beef has been living on organic pastures and been raised using grazing techniques and Holistic Management.  By moving our cattle daily to fresh green grass, these animals gets the healthiest grass grown on soils with a very active microbiology and deep deep roots.  Living soils grow the best grass, and the best grass grows healthy animals.  Healthy animals, in turn, grown healthy people.

And we want to share the best beef we can grow with your family.

Order your whole beef, half beef or split half here.


designOur chicken year has been challenging.  Why?  Predators.

I am often asked if we are predator friendly.  It is easy to be predator friendly when the predators are not bothering you.   Our ravens developed a taste for our pastured chickens and we lost many birds to them.  We couldn’t figure out how a skunk or a weasel was getting into our chicken pen.  We spent many hours wracking our brains working on better protecting the chickens from ground based predators and nothing seemed to work.  Then early (very early) one morning, we say 5 or 6 ravens having a breakfast feast and we realized that our predators were dropping in from above and not digging through at ground level.

Anyhow, it has been challenging.

We do have more chickens available.

Place your order here.


img_1116I really enjoy our pigs.  They have been free ranging all summer and are looking really good.  We have only a couple available so if you want one, please reserve yours quickly.

 First time Customer?  Check this out.