Gone in 60 Seconds…. Hail

Imagine losing a whole years work of effort and revenue in 60 seconds….

Hail can destroy a years worth of work in minutes.  Years of planning the best crop rotation reduced to stubble in the length of a song.

Nothing else can cause as much fear in a farmers mind as ice falling from the sky.

We got some hail yesterday.  Not a huge amount but some.  Our garden took a beating.  Our malt barley crops seem to come through not too bad.  My cousin texted me in the afternoon to inform me that his 2017 harvest is finished even before it had started.  Very sad news for him and his family.

Crop insurance should take care of the dollars lost, but it won’t take care of the lost profit.  ‘We didn’t lose much money, but we didn’t make any’.  Another year lost.  Another year of effort gone in 60 seconds.

Hail #abstorm

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I have spoke to farmer friends this year and the one comment I  hear is “We have to be crazy to do this.  All this effort, work and dollars invested only to disappear because of the weather.”

I was thinking the exact same thing as I stood at the windows and watched the hail smash done on my land.  I have to be crazy.

Time to head out and spend some time walking through the crops to see the damage.