How We Move Our Cows

I put together this little video about how we do our daily moves with the cattle.  Please take 3 minutes to watch and learn.

It has been 2 days since I filmed this so here are some additional thoughts.

I really miss my Quad.  It literally saves time every day when moving the cattle.  The truck is too big but you have to use the tools you have available.

How much time does this all take?  From the time I get to the cattle, turn off the power, put up the fence, move the cattle, put up the backfence, turn the power back on, and then get back on the road, I would estimate the fastest is 30 minutes.  Honestly though, yesterday it took close to 2 hours.  I had a few cattle that had jumped the fence into an adjacent pasture that needed to be chased back in, I had to fix a waterer issue, 3 new calves I had to check out, and the extra time necessary with the truck all added up.

I still believe the benefits of daily moves outweigh the costs.  But that is a discussion for another day…