Beef Gelatin

Here is an e-mail I received from a customer.

“Hello Tim,

I wrote to you few weeks back for asking about the beef fat. The fat from your store is outstanding. Now I am taking it regularly.
Today I am looking for “beef gelatine”. Do you have this thing? Please let me know.

Thanks and regards.”

So I did a little research and found 2 fairly helpful websites to give people a little more information.

From PaleoHacks…

Gelatin is basically rendered collagen. Collagen occurs in all tissues in the body, including bones and connective tissue. I personally have never noticed a difference in the amount of gelatin produced by creating stock from grass-fed and grain-fed animals. I used to make chicken stock from every chicken I ate, and they created plenty of getalin despite being 99 cent/lb roasters from the grocery store. Maybe someone with more knowledge of animal physiology can contradict me, but I don’t think there’s any significant difference in the amount of collagen between grain and grass fed animals.

When you render the animal, collagen is liberated from the various places it has been held in the body. The rendering process helps purify the now liberated collagen and breaks the connections which had previously existed between collagen molecules. When you cool the resulting liquid in water, you get a gel. Voila, gelatin!

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Here is a video about beef broth and getting gelatin from the broth.

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