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Feed Your Pet Healthy Organic Food

At Hoven Farms- Healthy Food for Pets we package our RAW Organic Pet food in easy to defrost 1/2 lb or 1 lb packages which makes it easy to feed your pet a RAW diet with Less Mess and No Stress.

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-Raw Beef Pet Food

Made with Organic Beef and 15% Organ Mix (Heart, Kidney, Liver)

Comes in two sizes:

Beast Feast – 1 lb Packages


Hungry Hound – 1/2 lb Packages


-Beef Bones

Knuckle Bones, Marrow Bones and Rib Bones

knuckle   marrow-930x835


-Beef Organ Mix


-Bully Sticks

36″, 12″ and 6″


-Raw Bison Pet Food

Made with Bison meat, bison offals, tripe and ground bone meal.

Comes in two sizes:

Large- 4lb bag with 8 patties (1/2lb each)

Small-4lb bag with 40 patties (approx. 1.6 oz each)

-Bison Bones

Neck bones,rib bones, riblets, knuckle and marrow



-in 5lb bags



Chicken heads, necks, feet, whole carcasses and liver

(other organs available by request only)


Duck carcasses, necks and feet


Dog Treats – Made by Cheddar Dogs

All dog treats are made with no wheat, no corn and no soy

-Assorted Dog treats

-Specialty Treats

-Dog Cakes (by special order only)

56952557  56952519  56952289  cake



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