Easter Hours at the Market

Come visit Kingsland Farmers’ Market on Easter Weekend (Thursday April 17th – Saturday April 19th) to take part in  EASTER EGGSTRAVAGANZA! Make any purchase at over 25 vendors to receive an Easter Egg, inside the egg is an awesome coupon, offer, free product or Market Gift Certificate! SATURDAY APRIL 19th: From 10am to 4pm we will be hosting Egg Ty-Dyeing along with other Kid’s Activities in the Atrium (East-End). There will be prizes and treats for all children. Please note […]

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How to Make Tallow

Tallow is rendered beef fat. Here are some of the reasons why it is great for cooking with: 1. It remains stable in high heat cooking 2. There is a lot of vitamin D, which is important for strong bones. 3. It is a saturated fat which provides energy for the body to use. Check out our how to make tallow guide below. At the bottom of this post you will find links for making candles and moisturizer with tallow. Why do […]

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Top 4 Reasons to buy Bulk Freezer Packs

Click here to view all our great Bulk Freezer Packs. 4 Great Reasons to Buy Organic Meat in Bulk: 1. Give your family a diverse selection of tasty meals! It can be hard to come up with great meals everyday, having a variety of cuts in the freezer can inspire you to do something new and exciting! “What should I make for dinner” becomes “What tasty meal can I make with this roast?” 2. Plan healthy and delicious dinner in advance! […]

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Hoven Farms Recipe

Salads don’t just have to be greens and veggies, make your salad even more delicious by adding  organic beef. Follow the steps below to create you very own customizable beefy salad: Choose from the salad ingredients below to create your perfect salad: click this link for a great guide to the healthiest salad greens -arugula -romaine lettuce -baby spinach -avocado -chopped basil -cherry tomatos -grated carrots -finely sliced red onion -sliced cucumber   Three simple salad dressing recipes to try out: […]

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At Hoven Farms we take great care to ensure our animals are in good health and that they live a comfortable, happy life. Our cattle is raised on the Hoven family farm in Eckville, Alberta. We make sure our animals are living the best lives they can by raising them in a free range environment, moving them from pasture to pasture as needed so they have lots of room to graze. Lots of pasture for the cattle to graze also […]

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Stir-Fries are a great meal to make quickly that is full of delicious and nutritious  vegetables. Try this recipe out and tell us what your favourite stir-fry ingredient is!  *You can find great organic veggies at Whole Earth Organics

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