Organic Beef 

When you order Hoven Farms Organic Beef, not only are you getting the best quality organic beef Alberta has to offer, you are getting a whole lot more!

Hoven Farms Organic Beef is the freshest cut organic beef available in Alberta, from our farm to the cutting table to your plate. Hoven Farms Organic Beef is GMO free beef as we do not feed any GMO products to our animals, antibiotic and artificial hormone and is grown on land where chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers are NOT used. You have the choice of our grass finished beef in which the animals have not received any grain for a minimum of one year (usually longer) or our grain finished beef.

Come visit us at The Market on Macleod and pick up your beef straight from our fresh beef counter!

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Natural Lamb

Hoven Farms sells Ewe-Nique Farms lamb.

The lambs are raised free ranging on lush pasture with access to clean water all summer at the Ewe-Nique family farm in Southern Alberta.

Lambs are raised without artificial growth hormones or animal by product feeds, and are finished on a natural grain and hay ration.

Organic Lamb including Fresh, Freezer packs and Whole Lamb Pricelist


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Organic Chicken

Hoven Farms sells Prairie Roots Organic Chicken

Prairie Roots Organic Chicken raises free range , organic, antibiotic free chickens. Their farm is certified humane and certified organic, providing fresh chickens every week. No, antibiotics, Growth hormones, chemicals or feed additives are  given to the animals and the animals are fed only certified organic feed and grass.

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Natural Bison

At Hoven Farms we sell Natural Bison from Big Bend. Their animals spend their lives on grass and are never given growth hormones, fed antibiotics or animal byproducts. Buffalo meat tastes similar to fine beef, with just a slightly sweeter and richer flavor.

Natural Bison Pricelist

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Raw Pet Food

At Hoven Farms- Healthy Food for Pets we package our RAW Organic Pet food in easy to defrost 1/2 lb or 1 lb packages which makes it easy to feed your pet a RAW diet with Less Mess and No Stress.

Pet Food Pricelist

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