For Sale: Organic Barley

UPDATE 2015/4/15:  Hoven Farms has approximately 500 bu of organic barley left.  Please contact Tim if you are interested in purchasing. Hoven Farms has approximately 2400 bu of Certified Organic Barley available for sale.  The barley was grown during the summer of 2014. Please…

Saturday Morning Cows

A nice picture Tim took on Saturday morning when he checked on the cows. Follow Tim Hoven on Instagram for more great pictures from the farm.

“If We Change Dinner, We Can Change the World”

Ellen Gustafson—a young entrepreneur, foreign policy expert, and food policy advocate—delivers a wake-up call that will inspire even the most passive reader to take action. We can love our food and our country while being better stewards of our system and our health. We…

Conclusive Link Between GMOs and Disease in Rats

Abby Martin goes over the publication of a study on how genetically modified foods (GMOs) affect living organisms, as well as the pushback the study received by the GMO companies like Monsanto who fought unsuccessfully to silence the findings of the research.

More Fresh Green Pasture

The cows have eaten all the delicious grass in their current pasture so it is time to move them to fresh green pasture for a new feast! Watch this video to see Hoven Farms happy cows excitedly waiting to move on to the fresh…

The Truth About Factory Farms

Hoven Farms takes great care to ensure its animals are in good health and that they live a comfortable, happy life. Every year during our organic inspection,  a third party inspector tours our farm, checks how we raise our animals and sees whether or…

Moving Cows to Fresh Green Pasture

In this episode Tim Hoven moves his cattle to fresh green pasture and the cows are pretty happy about it. Look for the first calf of the season in this video! Click here to watch Tim moving the cattle last year. Subscribe to our…

Adding Compost to the Garden

In this episode Tim Hoven shows us how Lori’s raised bed square foot garden is progressing. Fresh compost is being added to the garden and Monica Hoven is showing off her great garden dance moves. To watch part one of Lori’s garden click here….

Do you have beaver problems?

In this episode Tim Hoven shows us the large beaver dam that is being built on the farm. Beavers are industrious animals and can also cause a few problems on the farm, such as knocking a fence down by tipping a tree onto it….

Paleo Breakfast and May in Alberta!

Tim Hoven shows us his delicious paleo breakfast and shows some cool wet cattle on his daily walk. Over the next 30 days, Tim will be showing and explaining his paleo diet and the good effects that he has seen in his life and…