100% Grass Finished Ground Beef Delivery This Thursday

Hoven Farms is doing a delivery to Calgary on Thursday, September 7, 2017.   The only product we have available now is our 100% grass finished ground beef. These animal’s diet has been ONLY GRASS with NO GRAIN.   This is a Paleo Approved!…

Paleo Cheat Sheet

A helpful Paleo Cheat sheet

Paleo Breakfast and May in Alberta!

Tim Hoven shows us his delicious paleo breakfast and shows some cool wet cattle on his daily walk. Over the next 30 days, Tim will be showing and explaining his paleo diet and the good effects that he has seen in his life and…

Paleo Diet and the MLB

Hunter Pence talks about his decision to adhere to the Paleo Diet and the changes he has seen in his body so far!

Fat Head Followup

I have not seen the movie Fat Head, but I have heard a lot about it. This update to a new director’s cut version of it looks interesting. The director has chosen to live a more primal lifestyle-he stopped eating grains, and eats raw…